Large changes to estimagic can be proposed in estimagic enhancement proposals, short EEPs. They serve the purpose of summarising discussions that may happen in chats, issues, pull requests, in person, or by any other means. Simple extensions (like adding new optimizers) do not need to be discussed with such a formal process.

If the author of an EEP feels that it is ready to be accepted they need to make a post in our zulip workspace and a comment on the PR that contains the following information:

  1. Summary of all contentious aspects of the EEP and how they have been resolved

  2. Every interested party has seven days to comment on the PR proposing the EEP, either with approval or objections.

  3. If there are no unresolved objections after seven days, the EEP will automatically be accepted.

Note that the Pull Requests that actually implement the proposed enhancements still require a standard review cycle.

These EEPs are currently in place: