Core Team#


Janoś Gabler#



Klara Röhrl#

(Core Developer)


Tobias Raabe#

(Core Developer)


Tim Mensinger#

(Core Developer)


Sebastian Gsell#

(Core Developer)


Hans-Martin von Gaudecker#

(Core User, Facilitator)

Janoś is the original developer and architect behind estimagic. All core developers have made major contributions to several areas of estimagic. Hans-Martin has supported the development of estimagic with feedback and discussions, by encouraging work on estimagic and securing funding.


We are grateful for many (sometimes very large!) contributions from the community. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Mariam Petrosyan

  • Moritz Mendel

  • Max Blesch

  • Christian Zimpelmann

  • Robin Musolff

  • Annica Gehlen

  • Sofia Badini

  • Sofya Akimova

  • Xuefei Han

  • Leiqiong Wan

  • Andrew Souther

  • Luis Calderon

  • Linda Maokomatanda

  • Madhurima Chandra

  • Vijaybabu Gangaprasad

If you want to find your name here as well, please contact us or browse through our Issues and submit a Pull Request.


Funded by the TRA Modelling (University of Bonn) as part of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.


We want to thank Kenneth Judd for great feedback regarding numerical optimization and differentiation.